On Tuesday, June 19th we welcomed our volunteers, members, partners, and funders to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Celebration and Annual General Meeting.  It was an opportunity for us to say thank you for their support of our adult literacy programs and commitment to adult learners in our communities of Georgetown, Milton and Acton.

We also welcomed our 2018 Eileen Evans Award winners, learners who were nominated by their tutors or instructors as individuals who have shown dedication, hard work and a keen interest in lifelong learning – all attributes that Eileen demonstrated in her commitment to literacy.  Congratulations to Chantal Lynch, Gurpreet Grewal, and Nancy Ridler.

Our theme for the evening was Digital Literacy, and how we can integrate more technology into our programs to support skill building and to prepare learners for the technology rich environments they will find in workplaces and when pursuing further education and training.

Our guest speaker Monika Jankowska-Pacyna, an education and technology consultant with AlphaPlus, spoke about how we can make small changes with big results.  Tutors and instructors were encouraged to “sprinkle” opportunities to use various digital tools into learning, and to explore and “learn together” with adult learners.  As technology advances so quickly, we are all learning at home, at school, and in our workplaces and it is important to share our knowledge and learn and explore together.

Our Board Chair, Denise Dilbey, welcomed our members to the AGM portion of the evening.  It has been a busy 2017-2018 fiscal year, with one-time project funding and investment in new digital technologies.  Our two annual fundraisers, The Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee and Scrabble® for Literacy, were well attended and we are appreciative of the support from local sponsors, donors and residents.  The Board of Directors continues to work to ensure our organization remains vital, relevant, and financially stable.